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4 week Breath Coaching Package

Join me on this package to discover the fascinating world on breathwork and its power to transform using simple, science based, accessible techniques.

Breathwork has the power to

  • Boost your energy levels, digestion and improve mental focus

  • Find inner balance and build resilience

  • Reduce stress / anxiety levels, and improve overall well-being

  • Improve sleep and boost the immune system

  • Provide you a tool box to change your physical, mental and emotional state

and more.

You’ll receive weekly coaching sessions with me, video and audio recordings of daily breathing practices, tools to monitor and track your progress, as well as gaining an understanding of why and how this science-based approach to breathing works.

I know how tricky adopting healthy habits can be - and so I’ll be with you each step of the way, to ensure you understand the practices, and support you with tips and tricks to anchor these simple and powerful practices into your daily routine.

If I can anchor these practices into my life, I really believe anyone can.

Give yourself the gift of 15-20 mins a day to work with these techniques and become amazed at the power we all have within ourselves in each and every moment.

Ready to jump right in? Click here for the Booking form

Prefer to chat first? - Book a discovery session

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