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Meditating on hillside


Dru meditation is a powerful tool for self-development, inner calm and stress relief.


I use movement, breathing and concentration techniques to help you access your inner still point. 

I teach meditation as part of my regular yoga classes, as well as tailored group and one-to-one programmes to enable you to develop this empowering skill which can help you navigate an uncertain world with from a place of stability and joy. 

I find Dru Meditation a particular accessible form of meditation, which practiced over time, can improve sleep, help with stress and anxiety, develop clarity and focus and give you access to a peaceful place within.

My Meditation Journey 

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I tried, and ‘failed’, to learn to meditate back in the early 2000’s, when during my university days found myself searching for something to help me with the stress of my studies and an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction with my world.


A decade passed, life moved on, yet the feeling of dis-ease and stress remained. I felt an increased sense of desperation to find something to soothe my ever-restless mind.

In 2012, I completed an 8-week course in mindfulness based stress reduction, and felt I had the beginnings of mindfulness meditation practice. A year passed, and as I think nearly every student of meditation will tell you, my practice waxed and waned.

Then in 2014, a friend introduced me to Vipassana meditation. I did a 10-day retreat. It was a tough yet profound experience, both physically and mentally. I recall meeting my sister shortly after arriving home and to this day, she was blown away by a transformation in me that she couldn’t quiet put into words.

The retreat felt like a necessary and healing experience, and I continued practicing Vipassana for some time afterwards, but in the end I found the rigor of long daily sittings simply didn’t fit my lifestyle. It was too time consuming, and my body and mind longed for something else. I took up yoga and found it eased the aches and pains as well as enabled my mind and emotions to settle somewhat.

A few more years passed, I’d been practicing, and teaching practice yoga, and ended up at a different point in my life. Now a mum, a Yoga teacher, walking a spiritual path, but I still working an office job, trying to make a successful business, but not really knowing how. One thing I did know for sure – I needed a more accessible, nurturing and consistent meditation practice!

In 2020, the opportunity came when I was able to begin my Dru Meditation training.  It both deepened my own meditation practice and enabled me to teach meditation more to my current classes and clients.


Dru meditation just felt so much more accessible to me than anything I’d tried before. It honoured by bodies need to activate and move, so I felt alive and awake. It also gave me a clear knowing that for the mind to become still, the body also needs to be comfortable and relaxed while in meditation. It gave me access to a profound state of relaxed-alertness in which meditation could happen.

I bring meditation into my yoga classes, as it feels like a natural addition to the practice of yoga. I also facilitate groups and individuals in developing their own practice of meditation using movement, relaxation, breath-work, mindfulness and mantra.

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